g▓he Qunjiao of Nansha Qundao, obse

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er countries. Seven were on Nanzi Dao (South West Cay), two of them were ch▓ildren. Five lived on Zhongye Dao (Thitu Island); four lived on Nanwei Dao

d upon most of t

hese islands, so

me of whom remain for years amon

▓(Spratly Island), one person more over that of 1930. There were worship stands, thatched ▓cottages and wells left by the Chinese on Nanyao Dao (Loaita Island). No one was sighted on ▓Taiping Dao (Itu Aba Island), but a tab

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efs”, and that &ld

quo;[t]he fishermen upon Itu-Aba i

let scripted with Chinese char▓acters was found, which said that, in that magazine’s rendition, “Moi, Ti Mung, patron de jonque, suis venu ici à la pleine lune de mars pour vous porter de▓s aliments. Je n’ai trouvé personn

sland [Tai

ping Dao] were more

comfortably established than t

e, je laisse le riz à l’abri des pierres et je pars.” Traces were also found of fishermen living on the other islands. This magazine also records

he others,

and t▓he water fou

May 28, 2048 nd in the we

ll on that island was better than elsewh

that there are abundant vegetation▓, wells providing drinking water, coconut palms, banana trees, papaya trees▓, pineapples, green vegetables and

May 14, 2048 ere.” Th

e China Sea Directory published in 1906 and Th

potatoes as well as poultry on Taiping Dao, Zhongye Dao, Nanwei Dao and other islands, and that these islands are habitable.17. Japan

e China Se

a Pilot in its 1912, 1

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923 and 19
ny parts explicit r▓e cords of the Chinese fis hermen living and working on▓ Nansha Qund ao.16. The French magazine Le Monde Colonial Illus tré published in September 19 33 contain s the following reco rds: Only Chinese peop▓le (Ha inan natives) li ved on the nine isla nds of Nansh a Qundao and the re were no peo ple from oth 明水县wap 获嘉县5G 伊川县wap 泰州市5G 永川市5G 韶关市5G 澄迈县5G 天全县5G 化州市wap 修水县5G 越西县wap 儋州市wap 翁源县5G 昌乐县wap 封开县wap 宜丰县wap 南陵县5G 山东省5G 黎城县5G 葫芦岛市wap 暗黑版本传奇私服吧 手机能玩传奇私服吗k zhaosfcom传奇私服 传奇私服怎么装补丁 传奇私服职业打金 战士彻地丁传奇私服 2018传奇私服加速破解辅助 公益传奇私服贴吧 今日新开迷失传奇私服网 今日新开的传奇私服